Metaverse Gaming

Gaming Studio Secures Government Funding to Build MMO Metaverse Game

The game maker has, in a surprise move, received financial backing from the German government to build a multiplayer metaverse


John Richmond To Bring Fashion and Lifestyle to SHIB

The famous fashion outfit will feature in the much-awaited metaverse release and bring a fresh breath of fashion and style

pokemon metaverse

The Pokemon Company Makes Unexpected Job Post Amid Metaverse Gaming Rumors

The famous gaming studio is in the market for a Web3-related role, fueling rumors of a metaverse gaming move. Many

what is the metaverse

Transcosmos Launches New Department to Help Enterprises Leverage Metaverse Technology

Transcosmos establishes a new Metaverse Promotion Department to develop and promote Metaverse-related services to businesses. The department will provide tools

metaverse app

MultiversX has launched its revolutionary new app

XPortal: The Metaverse & Web3 Super App by MultiversX Takes the World by Storm MultiversX has launched its revolutionary new

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ShiftPixy and Allied Sports Join Forces to Revolutionize Metaverse Online Gaming Experience

ShiftPixy has announced a strategic partnership with Allied Sports, a provider of premium esports and gaming experiences, to create new