what is the metaverse

Transcosmos Launches New Department to Help Enterprises Leverage Metaverse Technology

Transcosmos establishes a new Metaverse Promotion Department to develop and promote Metaverse-related services to businesses. The department will provide tools

metaverse app

MultiversX has launched its revolutionary new app

XPortal: The Metaverse & Web3 Super App by MultiversX Takes the World by Storm MultiversX has launched its revolutionary new

meta and facebook

Meta Lays Off Another 10,000 Workers

The social media giant is cutting operating costs while it pursues AI and metaverse ambitions, with the latter reporting heavy

Colombia metaverse court.

Colombia Hosts First-Ever Court Hearing in the Metaverse

Colombia hosts its first-ever court hearing in the metaverse, marking a significant milestone for the future of justice, as virtual

meta 3d

MATRIX Introduces DiveVerse

A Revolutionary Technology That Brings Iconic 2D Assets to Life in the Metaverse; Experience the Sci-Fi Masterpiece “Metropolis” Like Never

sony metaverse

Sony and Toei Animation debut ONN’ON STUDIOS with VRChat watch party

Sony has developed use cases for extended reality (XR) by organizing a virtual reality (VR) watch party featuring the renowned