Ethereum Developers to Let Goerli Testnet Slowly Die as Coin Price Soars

Ethereum developers have decided to let the Goerli Testnet slowly die due to rising maintenance costs and a shift towards


Very Bullish-Rated Metaverse ETP (ETP) Rises

Thursday’s report from InvestorsObserver carries a rating that is extremely optimistic for Metaverse ETP (ETP). The price of the cryptocurrency


New Metaverse Crypto Project Launch- RobotEra

The planned sandbox-like world-building game RobotEra is a new metaverse crypto project that will allow users to build, explore, run,


Metaverse Tokens Outperformed the Other Cryptocurrencies, with Decentraland’s MANA Pulling Ahead

The best-performing token has been MANA from Decentraland, which has increased 150% against the dollar. MANA has increased by 7.3%

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Meta Increases its Value by $100 Billion

As the atmosphere among tech investors improves, Mark Zuckerberg’s business posted its greatest daily market increase in nearly a decade.


Layoffs at Microsoft Put Metaverse Dream in Jeopardy

The company’s metaverse ambitions appeared to have taken a backseat as it laid off thousands of employees. Tightenings in the