The Pokemon Company Makes Unexpected Job Post Amid Metaverse Gaming Rumors

The famous gaming studio is in the market for a Web3-related role, fueling rumors of a metaverse gaming move.

Many believe the metaverse is the future of social interaction, engagement, and entertainment. Thus, whenever big brands make moves that suggest a leap into the metaverse, tongues will wag. Recently, The Pokemon Company joined the fray with a surprise job listing for a Web3 industry expert. The studio behind the Pokemon game franchise posted the listing through its subsidiary, The Pokemon Company International.

Who Does Pokemon Want to Hire?

The gaming studio put the ad on Greenhouse, aiming to attract the right talent. The listing is for a Corporate Development Principal tasked with assisting the company’s board in determining its strategic direction in the long run and offering advice on workable operating principles. A successful candidate will have the enormous task of building an environment for testing innovative large-scale ideas to drive the brand forward.

In the job post, the company disclosed that it expects the ideal candidate to wield a comprehensive first-hand knowledge and understanding of Web3 and all its elements, chiefly blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens, and the Metaverse. Also, The Pokemon Company prefers candidates with solid connections with metaverse companies.

The company offers a basic salary within the $150,000 – $224,000 range. Also, several perks accompany the role, including life insurance, a relocation package, commuter benefits, and paid family leave. Although the job listing says the role is Washington-based, the option of a hybrid work environment is available as an additional incentive.

Experts Predict a Metaverse Gaming Play

As news of the job listing spread, several experts began to connect the dots. From the company’s requirements for the role, Web3 and crypto analysts predict an all-out foray into blockchain technologies. However, whatever route The Pokemon Company plans to take remains unclear.

Analysts suggest a route through NFTs since several unofficial tokens linked to the Pokemon brand are already on the blockchain. The Company has already dealt with several court cases to stop different Web3 players from creating or promoting a blockchain gaming version of the Pokemon game. Gamers have divided opinions on another available route via integrating non-fungible tokens into upcoming gaming titles.

While experts are busy with their permutations, the conversation among enthusiasts differs. Many believe Pokemon’s foray into the crypto space will drive Web3 adoption as the brand boasts a large community, an age-long trading card culture, and a rich video game catalog.

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Leading Video Game Studios Continue to Flirt With Metaverse Gaming

Gaming studios are beginning to make moves that suggest they seriously consider integrating Web3 elements in upcoming titles to capitalize on the current trends. Notably, Shuntaro Furukawa, the President of Nintendo, discussed the idea of metaverse gaming, suggesting that an immersive virtual economy could be the next big thing for video games.

According to Furukawa, the metaverse is drawing the attention of many companies worldwide, and Nintendo believes it has great potential. Other big names in the Japanese gaming industry, like Sega, Konami, and Square Enix, have confirmed, at different moments, that they are considering introducing the metaverse and NFTs in future gaming title releases.

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