Gaming Studio Secures Government Funding to Build MMO Metaverse Game

The game maker has, in a surprise move, received financial backing from the German government to build a multiplayer metaverse game.

Despite the lessened hype around the metaverse in certain quarters, the proposed future of social networking and entertainment remains firmly on the minds of investors and projects alike. According to news making the rounds, government agencies are now investing in metaverse-related projects. Recently, popular German gaming studio Flying Sheep Studios revealed that its title, Sttitlear Life, has received funding from the German government for over one million dollars.

From the statement by Flying Sheep Studios, the German government, under the aegis of its Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (FMEACA), invested the lump sum into the Star Life game. The funding amount is believed to be in the $1.2 million bracket. This move appears strategic for both parties, especially the German government, as it sends a message of strong support for metaverse-related projects and homegrown endeavors in the country.

Entering the Star Life World

Built with web-based HTML5 tech for high accessibility, Star Life aims to drive cooperation. The game will provide community-focused virtual experiences to boost social interactions and encourage unity in diversity. Star Life is a metaverse game allowing users to attend events and concerts organized for them.

Players can experience Star Life across any device, whether smartphone or PC, through a web browser. In the game, players can explore diverse options and activities, create unique characters, attend community-focused events like exhibitions and concerts, and shop for their favorite products in the metaverse.

Additionally, Star Life will integrate Web3-related elements like non-fungible tokens, although optionally. By merging the immersive nature  of the metaverse with Web3, Star Life offers players the opportunity to enjoy a unique virtual experience and completely own their virtual assets. Players can sell or transfer these NFTs via different platforms, and the game is free to play.

Gaming in the metaverse

Building the Future of Work and Entertainment in Germany

Although Star Life is a subsidiary of the iCandy Interactive brand, Flying Sheep Studios (iCandy’s first major European investment) will offer the title to gamers worldwide. The studio’s executives have expressed their delight to be one of the players defining the metaverse in its tender stage.

According to the MD of Flying Sheep Studios, Thomas Rössig, the company owes its gratitude to the FMEACA for supporting and trusting the Star Life project. Thomas believes the funding is a pointer to the German government’s desire to aid the development of world-class German-made tech products and boost job creation.

The company will invest the injected capital into hiring some of the best talents to build Star Life. Already, Flying Sheep Studios has employed industry veterans like Daniel Schemann, Frank Reitberger, Nina Kiel, and Renke Bahlmann.  Since its creation in 2014, Flying Sheep Studios has built and delivered over 200 gaming projects on schedule, with customers like DreamWorks and Lego.

Since the company’s founding in 2014 in Cologne, Germany, Flying Sheep Studios has delivered over 200 games on time, quality, and budget to satisfied clients, often working with brands such as Lego, Barbie, and DreamWorks. Its parent company, the iCandy Group, receives its backing from SingTel, Animoca Brands, and Baidu.

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