Nissan Metaverse

Nissan Joins Growing List of Metaverse-Friendly Car Makers

The automobile company filed three new metaverse and Web3 trademarks to cement its interest in engaging a younger audience through


Microsoft To Shut Down Industrial Metaverse Arm

Microsoft set to lay off 100 workers from its industrial metaverse arm as part of its 10,000 job reduction plan. 

software company

The European market is the next stop for Epazz Metaverse’s On-Site Remote Assist product

Epazz Inc a significant provider of metaverse solutions, cloud-based corporate software solutions, and blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps, announced that it

trace funding

Dave & Buster’s World On Roblox Announces Its Entry Into The Metaverse

The Full Immersive Dave & Buster’s Experience Is Now Available to Millions of Users  Project Demonstrates Dave & Buster’s Commitment

metaverse investments

Fidelity Investments is Supporting Cutting-edge Initiatives in The Metaverse

A US-based financial services business is developing a new metaverse project. Innovative teaching platform developed in collaboration with Decentraland. Metacade

meta stocks

Meta Increases its Value by $100 Billion

As the atmosphere among tech investors improves, Mark Zuckerberg’s business posted its greatest daily market increase in nearly a decade.