Fidelity Investments is Supporting Cutting-edge Initiatives in The Metaverse

A US-based financial services business is developing a new metaverse project. Innovative teaching platform developed in collaboration with Decentraland. Metacade (MCADE), a rising star, hopes to capitalize on Fidelity’s venture into crypto.

Fidelity Investments, a global US financial services business, unveiled plans to develop its metaverse project called The Fidelity Stack. The Fidelity Stack, which uses Decentraland’s virtual reality digital real estate technology, is billed as an “immersive metaverse experience” in which participants are urged to complete the Invest Quest task.

Experts wonder what this implies for the crypto community as another big banking giant embraces the metaverse. As more people learn about what the metaverse can do, there are a lot of great opportunities for new metaverse projects, like the GameFi platform Metacade.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a groundbreaking new virtual video gaming arcade that promises to bridge the gap between the past and the present by providing a home for retro arcade games from yesteryear with cutting-edge arcade games powered by cutting-edge Web3 technology. With an unequaled array of play-to-earn (P2E) titles that give players the option of going back in time or looking forward into the future, they seem poised to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry.

Metacade is more than just a tool for taking P2P gaming in the metaverse to new heights; in fact, that’s only the beginning. There are various ways for members of the community to make money on the side in addition to the P2E mechanisms. Their Create2Earn initiative, for example, compensates users for sharing information, writing game reviews, and participating in live conversations. The more active a user is in the community, the greater their potential for earning crypto rewards.

The Compete2Earn feature is another way users may make money off the site. Here, they can spend MCADE tokens (the platform’s native coin) to participate in online tournaments and regular prize drawings for a chance to win a portion of large prize pools. In the fourth quarter of 2024, Work2Earn will officially begin. Users of the community center may make money by participating in gigs, beta testing new Metacade games, and applying for full-time positions in Web3 development.

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The Innovating Power of the Gaming Metaverse Project, Metacade

The revolutionary Metagrants system is the icing on the cake for Metacade, as it promotes the greatest game development talent to take the next steps towards Web3 design while encouraging the production of exclusive new P2E products. The initiative will begin in the third quarter of 2023.

Developers have the opportunity to submit grant applications in order to get financial assistance for the production of new free-to-play games that they believe the Metacade gaming community would enjoy playing. The platform is free to choose the games it will support, and the most popular suggestions are given financial backing before production time. 

The vast and diverse advantages provided by the Metagrants program will be experienced across the board in Metacade as well as in the GameFi sector as a whole. With the help of its dedicated community, Metacade is always updated with the latest and greatest games, keeping it one step ahead of its competitors.

Meanwhile, developers are given a chance to earn vital work experience in Web3 development, which positions them in a favorable position to apply for opportunities listed on the hub’s employment board. The Web3 community as a whole stand to benefit from the brightest and most imaginative new talent advancing the field.

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