Metaverse Tokens Outperformed the Other Cryptocurrencies, with Decentraland’s MANA Pulling Ahead

The best-performing token has been MANA from Decentraland, which has increased 150% against the dollar. MANA has increased by 7.3% over the past two weeks and 2.9% over the last seven days. This month, the value of a sizable number of additional metaverse tokens also increased, mirroring the trend of cryptocurrencies linked to artificial intelligence (AI).

The top two cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and Ethereum saw double-digit gains against the dollar in the first month of 2023. However, several cryptocurrencies also received a boost in price, making them have more value than the famous Bitcoin and Ethereum. These cryptocurrencies are the Metaverse Tokens, such as Decentraland’s MANA, Sandbox’s SAND, Axie Infinity’s AXS, and many more. As a result, the values of these tokens increased to 92% -150%, surpassing the US dollar’s market value.

Performance of Decentraland’s MANNA

Bitcoin (BTC), the most valuable crypto asset, and Ethereum (ETH), the most valuable smart contract token, respectively, have both lagged behind some of the Metaverse crypto assets in performance. Over the past month, the highest performance of these crypto assets is Decentraland’s MANA token, whose value increased by 150% over the US dollar. In addition, MANA’s value increased by 7.3% in the past two weeks and 2.9% in the last seven days. A single MANA was valued between $0.716 and $0.755 as of January 31, 2023.

The Sandbox’s SAND, Axie Infinity’s AXS, and Other Metaverse Tokens Performances

The price of Sandbox’s SAND metaverse token rose by 92% in the previous 30 days and by 5% in the previous two weeks. In the presence of these evaluations, seven-day metrics revealed a 7.5% total devaluation in SAND. On Tuesday, SAND was traded at a spot price between $0.710 and $0.741 per unit. Furthermore, Axie Infinity’s AXS, which has increased to 80% over the previous month, is another high-performing metaverse token of the month. AXS value rose to 21.5% in the last two weeks, but it declined to 11.4% last week. Also, AXS was put on sale for a value between $10.55 and $11.23 per coin.

The APE token of the Apecoin project has increased 63.3% over the past month, matching the value gain of Axie Infinity’s AXS. Over the past two weeks, APE has gained by 19.4% over the past two weeks, with 5.5% of the gains occurring in the most recent week. As of this writing, a single APE is now trading for between $5.71 and $5.96 per coin. The Internet Computer project’s ICP token increased by 48.9% during the past 30 days. Over the last two weeks, ICP has increased by 16.5%. ICP was trading on January 31, 2023, at a price range between $5.65 and $5.88 for the previous 24 hours.

The values of several metaverse tokens also went up this month, following a similar trend in cryptocurrencies associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Compared to coins connected to the metaverse, AI-based cryptocurrencies have experienced better evaluation and value increment. However, metaverse-focused crypto assets have outperformed the top two coins, with bitcoin (BTC) rising 40% and ethereum (ETH) rising 33.5% this month.

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