Landian Metaverse sells out Tier 1

On a positive development, Landian Metaverse recorded a boost in its trading session on the 15th of September 2022. The report showed that the coin had sold out all its plots in Tier 1 a few hours after it went public. It was observed that Landian Metaverse users are trooping out en mass in an effort to build new lands; every single person wants to be part of the emerging future.

As against the formal accusations by the industry practitioners that major Metaverse companies are dormant in playing their role in the metaverse development, Landian has made tremendous strands against the earlier assertion. The company has just delivered its earlier promise to introduce the most realistic and advanced decentralized type of metaverse. They are seriously working on creating more room for future innovation in the industry.

The Announcement by the Company

This development was made known by the Landian Foundation and the management of Landian Metaverse coins. During the announcement, the foundation called on investors to participate in this ongoing innovation that is on the verge of changing the industry forever. They went ahead to appreciate the “early birds” in the market, the early investors who went against all odds to buy into the market. The foundation, also during the announcement, commented on the rising Landian community and thanked them for their trust in the company’s operations.

The spokesperson was quoted as saying that “Landian, which started off as an idea, today, is a reality, and the Foundation could not be more excited for what is to come.” They went ahead to announce the company’s next step. They said their next step would be channeled to determining what their community is up to. What they want to build, the partnerships they wish to make, and the plans they intend to work on.

The Official Statement

The foundation, during the statement, encouraged investors to think big and work towards building whatever came to their minds. They reaffirmed their commitment to building a formidable, fun metaverse and reminded their community that everything is possible with Landian Metaverse. Indian CEO Austin Yavorsky, in his speech, was quoted as saying that “on behalf of the entire Landian team from development to marketing, architecture to product, advisors, human resources, and our blockchain development team, we say thank you! Today is the first day of your future.”

A Brief introduction to the company

It is worth noting that Landian was launched in 2019 and had since been quietly gathering some of the finest developers in the industry. The company aims to build one of the world’s biggest metaverse using Unreal Engine 5. This Unreal Engine 5 runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and promises to break the way people view the blockchain system and the metaverse technology. It will also greatly benefit the metaverse business, considering the integration of smart contracts function and virtual features guaranteeing excellent graphics and speeds. With features like this, there is a guarantee that with the emergence of the Landian Metaverse and its contributions so far in the metaverse technology, the future of this latest invention is very bright

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