Metaverse technology is the future, but the current platforms are not ready

Many tech companies who have shown interest in metaverse business have taken to making audacious promises of perfection. But studying their capacity to fulfill these promises seems to prove otherwise. A report by Chris Jones has revealed that these companies have tried launching some of their so-called best products based on these promises, but they all ended up in futility. Some of the low points of these products range from poor visual effects to an overall disappointing user experience.

The problem is bigger than most industry analysts thought, judging from the fact that most customers gave those products a bad review on first impression. Because of the ongoing hype in the metaverse business, many people and brands want to get involved. There have been reports of top celebrities and big brands struggling to be part of the metaverse. But it is quite unfortunate that companies in the metaverse business have failed to meet the demands of these enthusiastic prospective customers.

Achievements by Metaverse Technology

Despite these major Metaverse companies’ disappointments, some major activities have been reported on metaverse news. MTV’s VMAs are one of them; they have created an award category: the best metaverse performance. The nominees for this award had stars like the popular South Korean pop band BTS, Justin Bieber, Charli XCX, and Ariana Grande. In another development, JPMorgan revealed that the emerging metaverse business would generate $1 trillion in revenues annually.

It was also reported that the emergence of metaverse technology had created an impressive working environment for those who work from home. According to industry experts: “this invention will bring the home office to a whole new level.” On the other hand, sports enthusiasts are beginning to feel what the metaverse technology looks like.

Companies are already Taking Advantage of the Platform despite the Failures

Some top sports companies have started taking their e-Commerce section to a new level by integrating it on the metaverse platform. These companies now sell their branded sportswear on the platform, making a lot of money selling digital sneakers. These companies are applying this method to create a stunning effect to attract prospective customers. These techniques are necessary for making the online community feel alive. It has grown to become a loop that triggers growth. Should most of these metaverse companies wake up to the occasion, it will enable companies to cover more prospective consumers and make more sales.

A Wake-Up Call for Metaverse Business

Metropolis World project has been introduced to ensure that metaverse companies live up to their responsibility. It comes with a marketplace that stands as a bridge between the physical and the digital world. The virtual landscape is integrated with a special technology that guarantees that every art comes out stunning.

The project is also programmed to pick an itinerary of curated events. An official statement by Cointelegraph on the Metropolis World project was quoted as saying, “We are different from other metaverse worlds which are theoretical with poor user experiences and low-grade content. Instead we are providing an engaging environment which makes the online experience feel dynamic and alive.”

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