Renault Adopts Metaverse Technology

Vehicle maker Renault announced the launch of its digital twin Metaverse

Automobile giant Renault today announced that it has commenced running a Metaverse that models all its industrial activities, driven by a set of processes that enables the company to monitor data across all its production lines. This digital twin metaverse comprises all of Renault’s supply chain flows and the intertwining of its production lines.

According to Renault, the metaverse implementation will help the company save up to $330 million by 2025. Other potential benefits of Renault’s Metaverse include a drastic reduction in delivery times and warranty costs (up to sixty percent) and a fifty percent reduction in the carbon footprint resulting from vehicle production.

Jose Vicente de Los Mozos, EVP, of Renault Industry Group and Head of Country Iberia, stated that the metaverse allowed the company to monitor real-time events and activities. With the implementation of the Renault metaverse, the data collected at the company’s industrial sites will be adequately harnessed to increase the adaptability and agility of industrial operations, production quality, and supply chain efficiency.

The Renault metaverse is powered by a digital twin model, with replicas of production lines and factories in a virtual world. To mirror real-world activities perfectly, the system receives data streams from the physical factories and production lines captured by ID@scale, a data capture solution.

Already, the Renault metaverse has contributed to preserving and safeguarding Renault’s production process. Some components of the metaverse have detected over 300 alerts, helping the company avoid the same number of halts in its production lines. Renault’s Vice President of Industry and Engineering, Patrice Haettel, claims that the metaverse is a unique solution that allows the company to activate previously invisible levers for efficiency and performance, with fantastic benefits for the environment and people.

Excluding Renault, other global brands are also leveraging metaverse technology in industrial operations. Tech giant Microsoft announced in October that it plans to bridge its services with the metaverse and provide cloud services to aid industrial processes.

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