AI-Powered Metaverse Gaming Project, Delysium, Raises $10 Million in Funding

Big names like Immutable and FTX Ventures participated in the $10 million funding round as Delysium looks to accelerate an open-source and decentralized structure for publishing Web3 games.

AI-powered metaverse gaming project, Delysium, has raised $10 million in funding. Renowned venture capital and private equity firm Anthos Capital led the funding round, involving names like Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX Ventures and Immutable. The metaverse game will direct the investment towards building a new publishing structure for developers to push out Web3 games more easily, emphasizing decentralization and transparency via an open-source approach.

Delysium is building its metaverse offering, the Delysium Metaverse, and powering the creation of virtual experiences powered by artificial intelligence. Through its AI-powered metaverse environment, Delysium will help fast-track the building of games in Web3. The general understanding of the Metaverse concept leans towards three-dimensional virtual environments built to provide an immersive experience upon interaction and is applicable for several use cases, including concerts, e-shopping experiences, gaming, work, etc.

Other participants in the $10 million funding round include Y Combinator, Makers Fund, Republic Crypto, Deterrence, and RCT AI. Some stakeholders in metaverse gaming also participated. Delysium’s introduction of artificial intelligence into the Metaverse presents another interesting piece in the entire metaverse puzzle. It has undoubtedly attracted some of the biggest venture capitalists who hope to tap into the vast potential of metaverse gaming.

The Delysium Metaverse declared its pre-alpha testing phase in May 2022, and the game has already attracted over 5,000 participants even in its incubation stage. With the inaugural season set to launch soon, Delysium’s funding comes at a perfect time to boost marketing and other endeavors as the game hopes to take the play-to-earn and GameFi sector by storm.

The Battle-Royale game, the first of its kind on the Delysium Metaverse, will utilize an AI Layer from Deterrence and AI non-fungible tokens from RCT AI to deliver an AI-powered yield farming offering to potential gamers and investors. To drive cognitive awareness for virtual beings in the metaverse, the artificial intelligence solutions from Deterrence and RCT AI will provide conversation models, motion generation, and intent recognition based on artificial intelligence.

The virtual characters in the Battle-Royale game, known as MetaBeings, will be able to sense changes in the state of virtual environments to add variety in dialogue and decisions. With this AI-powered feature, gamers can enjoy dynamic game modes, creating a truly personalized user experience.

Delysium will require metaverse operators, called Delysium Metaverse Operators, to manage the multiverse game. These DMOs will leverage player data to create unique NFTs based on the game’s IP. For its tokenomics, the Delysium Metaverse will feature fungible and non-fungible in-game tokens, Layer 1 stablecoins and their Layer 2 counterparts, and other cryptocurrencies.

Already, Delysium has onboarded its first DMO after sealing a partnership with Unix Gaming, one of the foremost Web3 gaming guilds in the world. With over 200,000 members, Unix Gaming will open up the Delysium Metaverse to hundreds of thousands of gamers, helping to drive activity for the AI-based metaverse game.

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