Everdome Takes Off to Mars With Ambitious Metaverse Space Trip

The metaverse gaming project is unveiling another chapter in its story as it takes its 500,000-strong community and partners to Mars in the metaverse.

Metaverse projects have a knack for ambitious undertakings. The latest to tread this path is Everdome, one of the most hyper-realistic metaverse gaming ecosystems in the world. On November 30th, the metaverse project began a countdown to its maiden rocket launch. Everdome will send the first set of its metaverse pioneers on the first phase of a breath-taking journey to Mars at 5 pm GST on the 30th of November.

Everdome has set its launch site in the digital twin of the Hatta Mountains in the UAE. The Everdome metaverse version of Hatta Mountains is uniquely designed and looks every bit like the real-world edition. The metaverse gaming project looks to appeal to the adventurous drive in humans, by selling the prospect of leading mankind from Earth to a new civilization on the red planet.

Everdome has a community of over 500,000 players, who are all eligible to be a part of the journey to Mars, although in batches. Also, the Everdome spacecraft will ferry the project’s partners to its metaverse home on Mars, with representatives from Pierre Gasly, OKX, Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, and other partners expected to be onboard for the first trip. The project’s Head of Science, Leszek Orzechowski, who contributed significantly to building the Everdome Phoenix rocket, will also join the launch. 

According to Rob Gryn, CEO and Founder of Everdome, the launch is a landmark moment in Everdome’s history, and the team behind the project has taken significant measures to deliver a top-notch experience as Evernauts head to Mars. The rocket is scheduled to leave Earth from the Hatta Mountains, with the Everdome Phoenix spaceship being its first port of call. The EVR Phoenix is docked on the Everdome Cycler, a three-kilometer-long interplanetary craft stationed in the Earth’s lower orbit. The EVR Cycler will complete the journey to the new Evernaut settlement on Mars.

The Mars settlement will take shape in the Jezero Crater, a spot handpicked by NASA for its interplanetary space travels. Everdome’s designers collaborated with space scientists, and used viable technologies, to create every phase of the metaverse journey. Upon arrival in the Jezero Crater, Evernauts will enjoy a plethora of storylines and experiences, with opportunities for entertainment, adventure, trading, and learning within the Everdome Mars metaverse.

The settlement is split into six districts, each offering room for brands, influencers, businesses, and celebrities to engage their audiences in the Metaverse and provide unique experiences for customers and fans. Each district will have plots of land available for sale. In addition to the immersive viewing experience, Everdome’s Mars metaverse will feature soundtracks and sonics from world-famous composers and producers, for a wholesome adventure.

Members of the Everdome community will be able to participate in the journey to a new civilization after the launch. In the meantime, interested viewers can join the launch via a live stream on the project’s YouTube channel.

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