Moonland Receives $250,000 to Build Epic Metaverse Gaming Experiences

The upcoming social multiplayer metaverse aims to build a unique and immersive virtual experience for Web3 gamers.

While Web3 gaming in the metaverse is shaping up to be one of the next big things in the video game industry, one project is taking one step further into social gaming, bringing the multiplayer format into the Metaverse. Moonland is positioning itself as the first social multiplayer metaverse and promising to provide an epic experience. This news comes on the back of a $250,000 grant award to build its metaverse and further develop functionality.

The grant will also power integration with the Qtum NFT ecosystem. The Moonland ecosystem combines key concepts in the virtual world, starring the Metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. Users who join the Moonland Metaverse can design their digital twin using the Moonland character creator. The ecosystem will also feature a wide range of services as it aims to be an all-encompassing virtual environment.

Beyond creating avatars, Moonland Metaverse users can explore new cities, purchase virtual real estate, run businesses, partake in epic battles, and attend outer-worldly concerts in the metaverse. Also, users can play games and embark on adventures in solo mode or join a guild, further enhancing the social metaverse experience.

The development and design teams at Moonland have already begun building the metaverse game, starting with its first NFT collection, Moonland Punks. These NFTs will represent in-game avatars, and holders will be rewarded with access to an early demo of the Moonland Metaverse. Also, the Moonland project is expected to span entire blockchains and integrate several existing Web3 games and Metaverse brands.

The Moonland Metaverse is being developed with Unreal Engine 5, an innovative system for building virtual worlds. Already, nine months have gone into the building, platform programming, and integration. The $250,000 grant is expected to speed up the pace of development, with the project expecting to raise more funds through its NFT sales.

Including its first NFT collection, Moonland will sell 10,000 non-fungible tokens to be used as in-game assets in the metaverse. A rich array of NFT pets, battle equipment, and vehicles make up this number. According to the team, the in-game assets are already being tested and integrated into the metaverse as beta launch announcements draw close.

Moonland is already giving out whitelist spots to its communities on social media to mint the avatar NFTs. Loyal members will receive invites to the pre-alpha edition of the Moonland Metaverse, and crypto airdrops will come later, according to the project’s roadmap. After the testing phase, the team is expected to roll out a metaverse city with shopping malls and other attractions, followed by a native marketplace for players to trade their NFTs.

The team has also hinted at future partnerships, especially with other video game franchises in Web3. With pet reveals, arenas, and other exciting teams to watch out for, the Moonland project hopes to attract more gamers to experience immersive virtual gaming in the metaverse.

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