Owners of PUBG Announces Metaverse Game

The creators of PUBG have taken a step forward into innovation, this time, they are joining the metaverse family. Reports have it that they are looking at creating an internet-enabled metaverse society where people can earn actual money. The company, through its top developer, Brendan Greene, disclosed that this project has been in the pipeline since 2019.

They have been meeting even when the PUBG team was still working on launching PlayerUnkown Productions in Amsterdam. In another development, industry rumors have it that the development of Artemis, which is a virtual metaverse game will run on an AI population, more like a Roblox world, with the size giant earth that is occupied by NPCs. Here, you are also meant to trade NFTs and make real money.

What to Expect in this New Metaverse Gaming

Greene, in an interview with journalists, revealed that this next project will be designed in a way that it comes with a digital world of its own. This latest PUBG will have everything in the real world: a functional economy, and a working social system. This world, like ours, Greene insinuated that will be able to present value to anyone rather visits it. He further explained using the Internet: the game will work like the internet, which gives people the opportunity to get a lot of things done.

When asked about the skin of this innovation, he waved the idea of introducing a regular fashion outfit like Chanel and Gucci for the characters, as initially rumored. He also explained the kind of skin that will be needed in this metaverse; a new program called the AwesomePickle will use in the game, to help it generate cool avatar skin that meets the taste of the average player.

Ubisoft Gets Involved

Since NFTs have generated a lot of popularity in recent times, companies involved in this project have decided to integrate them into the system. Ubisoft is one of those companies – they announced their plans to get involved in the NFT and blockchain technology experiments as regards the development of metaverse technology. This is not the first time Ubisoft is trying its hands on such a project and it didn’t quite go well hence, more reason for the many backlashes by both key industry players and consumers. This wide criticism and other related events compelled the company to quit the project to go back to the drawing board. In one of their official statements, they explained to the public that they will be going “in research mode” for more improvement and possible re-launch.

The reasons for their withdrawal, experts say are related to the usage of some environmentally harmful NFTs. So, as the metaverse space continues to generate more popularity, newer companies are beginning to see reasons to dominate that niche, and even the old ones have started seeing huge opportunities in this space, more reason companies like Meta came into existence. Even as the best metaverse project by Mark Zuckerberg himself continues to create worldwide criticism due to its poor picture quality, the creators of PUBG say that they are bringing in new inventions in the metaverse industry.

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