Dentsu International Enters The Metaverse

The global digital marketing agency network has partnered with Microsoft to develop an immersive co-working space in the Metaverse.

Yet another global brand has confirmed its entry into the metaverse, and this time, it is digital marketing giant Dentsu International. On November 10th, Dentsu announced that it has partnered with tech giant Microsoft to build a collaboration and co-working space in the Metaverse. The immersive environment aims to attract and draw other brands towards Web3 products, primarily virtual environments.

With their combined strengths and expertise, Dentsu International and Microsoft will showcase many real-world applications reimagined in the Metaverse to encourage better accessibility, engagement, and productivity for businesses within virtual environments. Essentially, both brands aim to encourage other organizations and companies to take the bold step and embrace a future in the Metaverse by showing what is achievable in essential aspects of business, like employee learning and skilling, retail, and customer service.

Recently, Dentsu launched its Web3 Center of Excellence to drive innovation toward emerging technologies and how they could impact business models, and this partnership is a fruit of that move. The newly built space is located in Moon Valley, a virtual representation of the Earth’s moon, fashioned by HeadOffice.Space, the productivity metaverse. The collaborative space will be open to more users through web-enabled devices, VR headsets, and mobile devices.

The Dentsu Campus will house several spaces, including the Dentsu Metaversity for Microsoft Power Skills, Microsoft Retail Education, AI-Powered Virtual Human, a Lounge, and Ecosia Forest. Other spaces in the Dentsu Campus include the Merkle Virtual Retail Lab, ShopNXT Showroom, and Intelligence Center. The collaborative space is powered by Unreal Engine 5, the most open and advanced realistic 3D creation tool globally. Full-body avatars will be present, as well as integration into Ready Player Me.

According to Dentsu’s Vice President, Solutions and Innovations, Val Vacante, the company has observed the hype around the Metaverse for a while. Instead of jumping in without a clear direction and heading, Dentsu has partnered with Microsoft to showcase solutions for today’s business challenges in the future of work. Val Vacante also expressed delight at the endless opportunities available in the Metaverse and Web3, like immersive training programs, and NFT-powered customer loyalty promotions, amongst others.

Adding to Val’s position, Paul Veltman, Group VP of Growth & Enablement at Dentsu, praised the company’s partnership with Microsoft, saying it has always been a collaboration with clear direction, focused on solving problems and driving sustainable growth. MD, Media and Entertainment at Microsoft, Simon Crownshaw, also expressed delight at the collaboration between the two companies and portrayed the product of their latest partnership (the collaborative space in the Metaverse) as the future of borderless work and content creation.

Dentsu and Microsoft will release more details on their metaverse space in the months ahead. Also, a full unveiling and demonstration is scheduled for the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023). Brands and customers interested in exploring the collaborative metaverse space can get a demo before then by contacting Dentsu.

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