Gucci Opens Fashion Store in the Metaverse

The Italian luxury fashion house has launched a new store in the Metaverse in the digital ecosystem on The Sandbox.

Iconic luxury fashion brand Gucci has launched an extension of its fashion business in the Metaverse as it opened a new store in the virtual real estate ecosystem, The Sandbox. With this launch, Gucci becomes the first brand to secure its custom-built property in The Sandbox’s metaverse. Christened the Gucci Vault Land, the newly launched store will be open from October 27th to November 9th.

In an October 27 press release, the company announced the launch as an experimental concept as it seeks to invest more and gain early ground in emerging metaverse environments. During its availability period, the Gucci Vault Land will be excluded from events within The Sandbox, unaffected by the seasons in its metaverse. The fashion store will be open to all, but as a private event, with users able to buy virtual eight-voxel fashion items and accessories, skate ramps, hats, and cars.

The Gucci Vault Land will bring several incentives to the fashion brand’s digital community, especially its NFT holders. Players of The Sandbox that hold Gucci NFTs, like Gucci Grails and Supper Gucci, are entitled to a Gucci Vault Aura collectible. Player avatars within The Sandbox can sport this collectible as it is a wearable fashion item.

The Gucci Vault Land is Alessandro Michele’s vision. According to Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, the new fashion store will offer rare Gucci pieces (vintage and carefully curated) and dialogues between the House and contemporary designers. When the vintage pieces and premium dialogue fuses with the hype around NFTs and their use cases, Gucci believes it will create magic in the metaverse.

The Vault Land is an immersive work that will allow players to experience its 360° adventure, with play-to-know events and competitions serving as side attractions. Activities like motor racing will take place in the Gucci Vault Land, and winners will earn rewards in The Sandbox’s native SAND token.

Gucci’s recent foray into the metaverse is not the first time the luxury fashion brand fraternized with virtual reality. In 2021, Gucci partnered with Roblox to host an event in its metaverse, which lasted about two weeks. The Gucci Garden Event, as it was christened, also featured partnerships with ZEPETO (the Korean messaging app), the Tennis Clash video game, and other virtual gaming brands.

In May 2022, the luxury house officially entered the Metaverse when it launched Gucci Town in the Roblox metaverse. The Gucci Town offered several attractions, including a café named Power-up Place, the Creative Corner (for artists to create designs), and MiniGame Heights, home to several Gucci-inspired competitions.

Hopefully, the Gucci Vault Land can replicate the successes of previous endeavors. The fashion store will be open to everyone, with no NFT passes or tickets required. According to Gucci, the goal of creating the Gucci Vault Land is to utilize gamification to enlighten the Web3 community on the heritage of the Gucci brand.

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