Forever 21 Launches Physical Clothing Line Based on Metaverse Collection

The fashion retailer will tie its latest physical collection to a line launched on Roblox .

Metaverse lifestyle companies are in no short supply, but having a physical lifestyle product based on an existing metaverse collection is uncommon. Forever 21 is America’s latest fashion retailer to build an entire physical line based on existing digital twins in the metaverse. Forever 21 is owned by a joint venture between two companies, Authentic Brands Group and Simon Property Group, widely referred to as SPARC.

Exactly one year ago, the virtual lifestyle merchant unveiled a fully digital clothing collection built in the Roblox metaverse. Forever 21, through a partnership with Virtual Brand Group, a company dedicated to creating metaverse experiences, also made its complete virtual fashion experience on Roblox and named it the Forever 21 Shop City. Interestingly, Forever 21 Shop City featured entries from several Forever 21 partners, including Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and PacSun, who offered customized fashion shopping experiences leveraging the company’s offering.

In December this year, Forever 21 Shop City and its virtual clothing collection will be celebrating its anniversary. The company has planned to roll out its first physical fashion product line. Entirely based on the digital twin, the Forever 21 Metaverse collection (which the company calls its real-world clothing line) will feature several hoodies and t-shirts like their virtual counterparts, with a notable entry from the bestselling item in the Forever 21 Shop City, the Forever Beanie.

Also, in December, the Forever 21 Shop City will have a new accessory collection available. The limited-edition virtual accessory line will put up one item for sale per day, available only for twenty-four hours. With the current hype around the Forever 21 virtual ecosystem, the limited-edition products are expected to be scooped up in record time.

According to the chief executive officer of the Virtual Brand Group, Justin W. Hochberg, Forever 21 has made giant strides since it premiered on Roblox in 2021. The fashion retail company has become the first to deliver a Metaverse lifestyle experience with on-trend fashion products and the first to do it at scale. According to Justin, the Forever 21 Metaverse collection launch reveals how the company, in partnership with the Virtual Brand Group, has become a force in global retail fashion, pioneering an innovative approach to lifestyle in the metaverse on a large scale. Together with Roblox, Forever 21 has hit the ground running, promising more from its Shop City.  

Adding to Justin’s position, Forever 21’s CEO, Winnie Park, discussed the company’s goals regarding its metaverse experience, claiming it focused on expanding its engagement with customers and making its products accessible to many. With Forever Beanie recording tremendous success in the Roblox store, Forever 21 had to bring the entire collection to life in the real world.

According to a Metaverse Fashion Study by Roblox, a significant portion of GenZ customers dressed their avatars based on the clothes they own in the real world. Forever 21, offering real-world and virtual collections, is a plus for the metaverse lifestyle industry. The Forever 21 Metaverse collection will be available online and in stores from Thursday, December 1, and prices will start at $14.99.

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