Metaverse Platforms You Must Know 2022

Metaverse, or Metaverse VR is a dream world; a computer-created virtual world where everyone and everything is digitally influenced. This is to say in essence that in the metaverse, nothing is real. But you can still get a real-life experience while on it. The metaverse provides that perfect platform where people can take a break from the harsh realities of modern society.

And because it just made its way into the market, people are starting to make comparisons, trying to see which one is better off, which platform has more advantage over the other, and how big each of them is. Well, we have detailed some of the best and biggest metaverse platforms today, check them out below.

Top 3 Largest Metaverse VR Platforms

1.         Decentraland

Decentraland has risen to become one of the pioneers of metaverse technology with over 25,000 daily visitors. Here, users can explore their creativity by developing scenes, artworks, challenges, and every other virtual experience they can think of. This platform also allows users to own the experiences they have created. This platform comes with simple builder tools which is a flexible instrument for getting acquitted with the workings of the metaverse technology. The Decentraland platform comes with multiple functions which are exemplified on its website. Its multifunctional tools use popular sophisticated tools to ensure strong virtual experiences for an average user. But unlike others like it, it makes use of social games and multimedia applications.

2.         Illuvium

Launched in September 2020, and ever since then has been providing users with everything good the Metaverse has to offer. Illuvium is completely designed to serve as a decentralized RPG adventure game and has a section for collectibles. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as the Immutable X L2 Network. And their wonderful features and easy-to-use interface have made them so popular in a space of just two years. The CEO, Kain Warwick, had once announced that they currently have over 100 thousand people on the Illuvium platform.   This platform gives players the opportunity to explore the huge and diverse world of the metaverse in search of mythical magical creatures called the “Illuvial.”

3.         Sandbox

With its 1 million monthly user base, Sandbox has made it on the list of top biggest metaverse VR platforms in the world today. It functions as a decentralized Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) metaverse-based gaming platform that also runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Players on Sandbox can also buy, sell, and monetize virtual reality NFTs. Sandbox is community-driven, and allows players to personalize and monetize their digital assets while on the blockchain network.


The emergence of the metaverse technology in the 21st-century tech world is evidence of the extent of innovation going on in that aspect of our existence. Although it has been making waves, the penetration is yet to gather the expected target. At a point, this technology was tagged the “wonder of the 21st century.” Well, it is nothing far from the truth since we are living in a world of hostility, and almost everyone is looking for a getaway.

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