Metaverse Startup to Build Virtual Transportation Solutions in the United Kingdom

Hadean will develop digital twins of highways across the UK with funding from the government.

The applications of metaverse technology are numerous, cutting across several industries and fields of study, and several commercial organizations have sprung up to profit from this emerging technology. On the strength of providing a solution through metaverse technology, Hadean, an infrastructure startup dedicated to providing metaverse solutions based in the UK, is spearheading an initiative in the country’s transportation sector.

Headquartered in London, Hadean will receive investment from the state to build digital twins of highways in the United Kingdom. Together with Connected Places Catapult, a leader in the urban connectivity niche in the country, Hadean will build its three-dimensional models to transform transportation management in the UK. The United Kingdom Research and Innovation will provide the investment as the leading grant-awarding agency in the country.

Why Build Digital Twins?

Hadean is building three-dimensional digital twins, which will meet the need for 3D road models and provide road management agencies and boards with real-time highway data. The digital twins will produce mathematical images that can replicate all aspects of automotive traffic in real time, reveal existing loopholes, and match the problems with precise infrastructural solutions that can address them.

Hadean’s digital twins will provide sufficient and precise data, which will provide the highway system in the UK with one of its most unprecedented upgrades. Already, highway engineers are  considering installing overhead power cables along specific routes. The new infrastructure, which engineers have christened e-highways, is similar to the tram line and trolleybus cables and will allow heavy-duty EV trucks to travel an entire route without ever needing to stop to use standalone car charging stations.

Metaverse Technology is at the Heart of The Future of Transportation in the UK

The UK government handing over such a project of great importance to a metaverse startup and allowing them to spearhead the same project with government funding is a big deal for the metaverse community in the region and Europe. While the e-highway concept has already been exposed to tests in other countries, questions around the suitable conditions for their deployment, where they can be deployed, and the entire installation process continue to linger.

Hadean’s VP of Innovation, Chris Arthurs, believes that digital twins have specific capabilities that could be synergized to meet the need for building virtual worlds that simulate the real world. These metaverse creations helped stakeholders analyze hypothetical scenarios and probable setups for insight into infrastructural design. The Metaverse evolved across several focus points, from ownership economies to augmented reality hardware and smart data to IoT use cases.

Also, Alexander Weedon, the executive director of SME Development and Academic Engagement at Connected Places Catapult, speaking on the company’s behalf, expressed delight at the chance to collaborate with Hadean and aid the digital twin initiative. With The Catapult’s knowledge base, level of expertise, and unique positioning as the host of the Center for Digital Twin Hub, the company will play its part as Hadean seeks to build a whole new metaverse simulation of the UK’s e-highways.

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