Hadean, Epic Games in a $30 Million Talks on Metaverse Technology Infrastructure

Hadean: the London-based deep technology start-up has received $30 million in funding. Molten Ventures assisted the process, which had the likes of other top gaming and tech companies like Alumni Ventures, Epic Games, 2050 Capital, Aster Capital, In-Q-Tel,  Entrepreneur First, and Alumni Ventures in participation. According to reports, this fresh capital from Series A is meant to help Hadean build the most anticipated metaverse technology infrastructure. This investment by Epic Games will go a long way in helping Hadean build an interactive, scalable, and safer metaverse platform.

While addressing journalists, Craig Beddis, Hadean co-founder and CEO, said that the company’s mission is to serve as a bridge between the virtual and real world. He further stated that the process they have adapted is helping them improve and make better decisions in making this dream come true. He also claimed that the virtual world we see today comes with a limited experience and is not really safe for consumption and that the company is coming to make a difference.

According to Craig, his company believes that the massive adaptation of the metaverse technology will solely depend on how easy creators can model their own experience, taking advantage of the massive yet open metaverse technology. He went ahead to acknowledge the presence of industry giants like Epic Games when he said they both share the same ambition for the project they are embarking on.

The Epic Games Involvement

As Hadean secures this enormous funding, news has started making rounds, and major key players in the industry have started commenting on the matter. One such person is the COO and Co-founder of Hadean, Mimi Keshani. In his comment, he said that he would like to know more about the impact the involvement of Epic Games will have on his company.

Keshani said that his company has been collaborating with Epic Games and the Unreal Engine section of Epic Games for years, and during this time, they have received a big MegaGrant. He further talked about the record-breaking 14,000 demo players. According to him, all CCP Games were built using Unreal Engine, a move that smashed their 100-player saver limit. He stated that this investment propels their company’s ambition for growing Metaverse.

Mimi Keshani Take on Metaverse

Keshani believes that the metaverse business is the future of gaming. He made it known to journalists that the Metaverse as a technology is the next big thing on the internet. His idea on metaverse technology borders around the fact that Metaverse is too big to be owned by a single individual; hence, everyone must get involved. It looks like Epic Games holds the same philosophy. They (Epic Games) are looking to build future Metaverse developers and creators that will likely come out with next-generation software, tools, and components that will give a better metaverse experience. Keshani also went ahead to regret that it is quite unfortunate that the kind of metaverse technology available today is very much limited in performance; therefore, more needs to be done

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