Walmart Begins Metaverse Integration, Partners with Roblox

Walmart has moved to target younger shoppers through metaverse technology. They are doing this with the help of an online-based game platform, Roblox using the premiering Monday experience. Walmart will be rolling out this latest project featuring a blimp designed to be dropping toys, some games, a virtual merchandise store (also called the verch), and a proposed music festival featuring some of the hottest artists in town. News from the organizers has revealed that the verch will contain the same thing Walmart customers find on their online platform. These two latest experiences are named the “Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play.”

Business analysts have said that the Covid-19 experience informed the idea of Walmart incorporating metaverse technology in their operations. The pandemic, according to them, encouraged the customer’s app engagement. That event affected people’s shopping habits and propelled them to use more gaming websites and social media. In an effort to drive home this new project, Walmart has kicked off many activities to create more awareness. One of them is hosting shopping-related live streaming events on major social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

What the Company is Up to

They have also gone as far as creating meal recipes using a partnership with Meredith. Meredith is a popular media company and the owner of Parents and Better Homes & Gardens and Allrecipes. This proposed event has also triggered the introduction of a virtual reality tool on Pinterest that allows customers to see how items like decor or interiors will look in their homes. According to William White, Walmart’s chief marketing officer, Roblox is being assigned that task; to work as a testing spot for Walmart as they consider introducing metaverse within and beyond the company’s operations.

He also said that this idea aims to give the next generation of customers a whole new shopping experience, especially “Gen Z:” a name used to define shoppers within or younger than 25. Since the company is new to the experience, they are looking to learn more about this feature with the current ongoing partnerships. Mr. White explained how they drive important cultural conversation through community development and engagement. He also reaffirmed their efforts in trying to move their brand to fit a younger audience.

The New Idea

The company said they are working on making participants earn from these new metaverse experiences. Gamers are allowed to make tokens and other incentives which will be brought forward on Roblox. Other brands like the Skullcandy headphones and a toy company, L.O.L. Surprise, will be part of the proposed plan because of their popularity with the younger audience through gaming. From White’s explanation, Walmart is not planning on making money from this venture soon. They are working to dominate that sector, creating an environment where they will charge brands to be included in the experience. They are  looking to create a situation where they will charge brands to turn their customer’s virtual experience into real-life shopping.

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