Metaverse will be more than just games according to IEEE

According to recent crypto news, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has stated that the metaverse is coming and will be much more than just games.

The IEEE Hybrid Seminar

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s biggest technical professional organization, recently conducted a symposium on the future of the metaverse. Experts from the gaming, entertainment, and technology sectors gathered at the conference to examine the potential of this technology and its influence on several industries.

The IEEE underlined at the meeting that the metaverse would be more than just a gaming platform. They anticipate that technology will greatly influence several areas, such as education, healthcare, and finance. For instance, the metaverse might give students an immersive learning experience, a virtual healthcare platform for patients, and a new financial transaction method.

A fundamental aspect of the metaverse is its capacity to provide consumers with immersive, engaging experiences. For instance, the metaverse might offer players a new degree of immersion and involvement in the game business. In addition to typical gaming, users may participate in virtual events, communicate with other players, and even create virtual experiences. This might generate new money sources for game producers and enhance the gaming experience.

The metaverse may also transform our working practices. The metaverse might create a virtual office setting where employees can communicate and participate in their work more immersively as remote work becomes more prevalent. Additionally, technology may create new chances for collaboration and networking, resulting in a more dynamic and effective workplace.

The metaverse might provide a virtual platform for patients to connect with healthcare professionals and get remote care in the healthcare business. This might be especially advantageous for people in rural or underdeveloped areas who may not have access to conventional healthcare services. The technology might also create new options for study and data collecting, helping to progress medical studies and improve patient outcomes.

The IEEE also emphasized the significance of developing an open and interoperable metaverse in which users travel fluidly between various virtual settings and platforms. They believe this will be essential to unleashing the metaverse’s full potential and guaranteeing its long-term success. This will necessitate cooperation and coordination amongst many parties, such as game creators, IT corporations, and regulatory agencies.

IEEE’S Future Projections

Mischa Dohler, vice president of innovative technologies at Ericsson, stated during a hybrid IEEE conference on Monday that while gaming was the “starting point” for the metaverse, this is not the “final game.” “The future generation’s internet is immersive, persistent, and active.

This is what we’re aiming to create.” He added that the metaverse apparently cannot exist on its own and requires a large number of technological components, including 5G and 5G-advanced virtual and artificial reality.

He stated that consumer surveys indicate that consumers desire metaverse-type experiences. “Demand exists,” he stated. Dohler stated that he dislikes shopping at Costco, but if he had AR glasses that guided him to the things his family needed, “I would pay a lot of money to subscribe to this service.”

He stated that 5G is strong enough to enable immersive experiences for numerous users using a single access point. “Wi-Fi collapses quite rapidly” and can support one or two virtual reality connections, but “5G can easily manage that,” he added. He stated that the issue is now less on the device and more on the network, giving extremely low latency and jitter. “We now get why we must strive for 6G,” he remarked.

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