Walk-to-Earn Metaverse Comes to Dubai

World’s first health and wellness metaverse partners with Dubai Active Show to reward fitness lovers.

The Dubai Active Show, one of the biggest of its kind globally, which was held between October 28th to 30th 2022, had a pleasant surprise for its participants. The over 20,000 strong visitors who thronged the Dubai World Trade Center were eligible to receive money for walking into the complex, thanks to Limoverse. The world’s first blockchain health and wellness metaverse put itself in the spotlight at the show, rewarding users for showing interest in their fitness.

Visitors to the Dubai Active Show only had to download the Limoverse app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and complete a few tasks to claim their Limo tokens courtesy of Limoverse. All visitors who walked through the arena to the Limo Fitness Stage were eligible to claim the tokens, which the team behind Limoverse says they will list on major exchanges shortly.

The promotional offering was part of the Limoverse HealthFi project. HealthFi is Limoverse’s first among an range of products to drive health and well-being and monetize healthy living. The concept aims to provide a global framework for fitness and health providers to offer their services to consumers worldwide and reward users for staying Fit using gamification.

The HealthFi project requires users to buy one of Limoverse’s Sneaker NFTs to participate, with the company joining several move-to-earn initiatives globally. Upon joining the HealthFi project in Limoverse, users will have to perform physical activities to earn points which are convertible to Limo tokens.

Participants at the Dubai Active Show had a taste of things to come regarding the health and wellness metaverse. At the Limoverse stall, the brand showcased an immersive 3D environment highlighting how far it is willing to go. The Limoverse metaverse is still in construction. Upon its launch, it will allow users to perform their favorite physical activities, from jogging to yoga, in the metaverse with virtual or augmented reality goggles to give them a truly immersive feeling. The Limoverse eliminates borders as users can work out anywhere from the comfort of their homes.

The Limoverse team features several people from different walks of life, united by one purpose: to trigger behavioural changes in people by incentivizing healthy living. The ecosystem has already amassed a large community, with over 60,000 members on Telegram and 100,000+ app downloads. Along with its HealthFi offering, Limoverse also launched its PartnerVerse program at the Dubai Active Show, targeted at wellness experts and organizations who would like to partner with Limoverse and open their brand shops in its metaverse.

Soon, Limoverse will launch its CreatFi platform for wellness enthusiasts and practitioners to create and monetize content in a decentralized economy. Another offering, ModiFi, is aimed at helping people modify their lifestyle and earn Limo tokens through a geno-metabolic program called EPLIMO. The Limoverse MetaFi offering will allow organizations and solo practitioners to buy real estate and establish exclusive clinics and centres inside the decentralized Metaverse.

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