Metaverse and Web3 project ZepetoX announces partnership Magic Eden

ZepetoX will partner with Magic Eden to sell its genesis home NFTs as it delivers on the promise to create a Metaverse for all.

Metaverse and Web3 project ZepetoX (ZDX) on Thursday, November 3rd 2022, announced its partnership with Solana’s largest NFT marketplace by volume, Magic Eden, to launch the sale of its genesis home NFTs. ZTX is partnering with Magic Eden to reward its community builders and early adopters and show its commitment to building a virtual world for all.

While similar projects offered a virtual land sale during their launch, ZepetoX offered virtual land for free. Users only need to register on the platform and claim the available land at no cost. However, to reward early adopters and loyal members of its community, ZTX launched its home NFT sale, featuring 4,000 virtual home NFTs, each with a unique trait that differentiates it from the others. These NFTs offer in-game utility, giving their owners asset production and economic activity boosts on their virtual land while granting them access to new updates and features.

ZepetoX is built on Solana and is a Metaverse initiative spearheaded by ZEPETO, Asia’s largest Metaverse project, in conjunction with leading blockchain organizations like Jump Crypto. Scheduled for December, the home NFT sale will be open to millions of users on Magic Eden, with the NFT marketplace boasting daily transactions in thousands.

In August, ZepetoX unveiled its plans to build an open and immersive 3D world to empower creators and communities and provide a solid Metaverse framework for games, projects, and monetization. Drawing more than inspiration from ZEPETO (with the latter involved in the former’s development), ZTX is looking to build a metaverse that will attract new audiences, appeal to Web3 supporters and critics alike, and onboard existing ZEPETO users in Web2.

The ZTX Metaverse promises free land, accessible to all and unlimited in availability. Landowners will be able to access core features of ZTX, as the land will play the role of a base for the home NFTs. As avatars, users will interact with one another, develop their land, and explore the gameplay environment. Also, loyal users will not only own land. They will have access to immersive adventures, join in-game core loops, and identify as part of the ZTX community.

The Co-CEO of ZTX, Chris Jang, expressed the company’s delight as they debuted on Magic Eden, reasserting ZTX’s commitment to building a free-for-all Metaverse and a true virtual home for all users with the home NFTs. Co-founder of Magic Eden, Zhuoxun Yin, echoed similar sentiments, expressing his excitement for the ZTX offering, calling it a chance to introduce the Solana community to the vast potential of the ¬†metaverse. According to Zhuoxun Yin, the ZTX metaverse offers homeowners a chance to play games, express their inner creativity, and connect with people worldwide.

Owners of the home NFTs will be able to customize them, and the in-game tokens will be situated on their owners’ virtual lands. Players can enter their homes, host other people, and decorate the interior of their homes. Also, owning a home will grant access to a ZTX District, of which there are four. The districts will be responsible for hosting social and economic gatherings and will be governed by homeowners or all community members.

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