AI Meets Metaverse Technology as Solidus AI Tech Partners With Galaxy Arena

The artificial intelligence blockchain startup will provide a computing advantage to its metaverse gaming partner.

The recent buzz around artificial intelligence has found its way into metaverse technology, as AI startup Solidus AI Tech announced a new partnership deal with Galaxy Arena. As the only VR Earn gaming aggregator metaverse hub in the blockchain space, it greatly impacts the virtual gaming ecosystem. Its partnership with Solidus AI Tech will only strengthen both parties.

The strategic partnership is symbiotic. Galaxy Arena and its metaverse gaming partners will leverage the extensive computing power that Solidus AI Tech can offer. The latter will provide its community a chance to earn rewards for gaming in the Galaxy Arena metaverse. Even as Galaxy Arena merges a play-to-earn model with metaverse gaming technology, its partnership with the artificial intelligence solution will help drive the quality of its offering higher and improve the metaverse gaming experience for the end user.

Galaxy Arena is split into three main sectors, each offering a unique experience. The Entertainment Venue, six floors that make up a 30,000 square-meter sprawl of explorable space, will allow users to sing, dance, and engage in other entertainment-related activities. The second sector, Galaxy Gym, is a first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art, immersive virtual reality fitness studio.

In the Galaxy Gym, users will be able to enjoy interactive health in the Metaverse, mini fitness games, and connect to celebrities, athletes, and fitness trainers who offer classes and courses in virtual reality. The third sector is the Galaxy Tower, an arena and gym tower split into offices, digital real estate, and luxury spaces. Each piece of the Galaxy Tower is an NFT in a 20,000-strong collection.

Paul Farhi, founder of Solidus AI Tech, when expressing his thoughts on his startup’s latest partnership, highlighted all the factors that make Galaxy Arena an excellent fit for the company. According to him, metaverse companies built on the blockchain are a great fit for Solidus, with large communities and several partnerships that can provide unique and endless metaverse gaming opportunities for the average user.

Adding to his position on the advantage of the metaverse, Farhi expressed strong opinions about the technology, claiming it would connect people globally through stories and experiences and open the world to new ways of living and working. Through the partnership, Farhi hopes to contribute to that future and open up the metaverse to the world powered by artificial intelligence.

Solidus AI Tech has experienced massive success since its birth. The company won the award for the Top Initial Coin Offering at the 2022 edition of the World Blockchain Summit, held in Singapore, for the successful launch of its $AITECH token. The deflationary $AITECH will be available for trading on world-leading crypto exchanges.

The partnership with Galaxy Arena is another in a long list of collaborations, but the first to take the company into the Metaverse gaming space. As metaverse gaming adoption increases, artificial intelligence technologies will be required to scale existing products and improve the virtual experience for gamers by learning player interests for future development.

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