Boy Meets Girl Brings Mission-Inspired Fashion to the Metaverse

The famous lifestyle brand is bringing its signature outfits to the Roblox metaverse in partnership with House Of Blueberry.

Kids and Gen Z users can now taste the metaverse lifestyle, thanks to a collaboration between House of Blueberry and the famous fashion outfit Boy Meets Girl. Both brands have partnered to bring the Boy Meets Girl style, which portrays social responsibility, to the metaverse, via the widely-used virtual experience platform Roblox.

Roblox is a virtual platform with a strong gaming culture, and its likes are the closest iterations to the metaverse today. Roblox allows users to create and play games. According to analysts, a whopping 67 percent of the platform’s 43 million daily users are aged below 16 years, cementing its place as a Gen Z-friendly metaverse.

Two Fashion Juggernauts Collaborate in the Metaverse

Blueberry prides itself as the leading fashion house on Roblox, with over twenty million assets sold to more than four hundred thousand unique users. Blueberry’s partnership with Boy Meets Girl is another notable collaboration, following previous partnerships with other brands and celebrities.

A brand like Boy Meets Girl, which sells outfits that blend athleticism and leisure, has made a name for itself in the fashion niche. Since its launch after the 9/11 attacks, Boy Meets Girl has sold several limited collections, collaborated with notable artists like Wyclef Jean, and funded organizations like Human Rights Watch, BullyBust, and Planned Parenthood.

On January 10th, the Boy Meets Girl X House of Blueberry collection went live in Roblox, with several outfits for avatars available for sale. Everything from sweatpants, leggings, T-shirts, hoodies, and beanies is up for grabs, selling for about 85 Robux (around $0.30) apiece. After purchasing the clothes, users can visit a boutique in the virtual world where their avatars can try on the outfits.

In the Metaverse for a Cause

Boy Meets Girl has always deployed proceeds from sales of its collections to notable causes worldwide, and revenue from its metaverse collection for kids will be used to pursue the mission of ‘clothing as protection.’ According to the founder and creative director of Boy Meets Girl, Stacy Igel, the new foray into the Metaverse represents an evolutionary move, a transition of the ideals that have been synonymous with every previous Boy Meets Girl collection.

According to Stacy, Blueberry reached out to her for a possible partnership after she had done some notable work in the Web3 space for over a year. The Boy Meets Girl brand aims to inspire the youth and create awareness of positive causes that can affect many lives. The mission in the Metaverse remains the same, although the platform is different. With Roblox’s rich platform and solid user base, the brand can reach a younger and more receptive audience.

When quizzed about the potential of the metaverse, Stacy had nothing but praise for the concept. In her opinion, the Boy Meets Girl brand is invested in the Metaverse because it is the future. With the Blueberry partnership and support from the Roblox ecosystem, fashion in the metaverse can significantly impact real-world causes, thanks to Boy Meets Girl.

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