Recruiters in Japan Leaning Towards Metaverse Solutions

Hiring agencies and human resource teams are utilizing metaverse technology at scale to find and hire talent.

It is no longer news that metaverse technology is becoming the meta across several industries and has found unique applications in different departments of the corporate environments. From supply chain to tourism, brands and companies utilize metaverse tech to reach new audiences, streamline existing processes, and increase their appeal to the younger generation.

Joining the bandwagon, HR teams and recruiters have now turned to metaverse tech. Reports from local news agencies covered a virtual job fair organized on the 27th of January with several brands participating. The job fair and its organizers hosted over 2,000 students, who interacted with available job offers in a new way, as opposed to the traditional in-person/video/online interviews and assessments.

Job-Hunting and Hiring in the Metaverse

The participating students had the privilege of enjoying an immersive hiring experience, using their avatars to interact with the recruiters and evaluate the details of each job offer. The virtual environment in which the students worked allowed for anonymous participation, which encouraged the participants to ask questions about sensitive issues surrounding each job offer.

Neo Career Co. organized the metaverse job fair, collaborating with X Inc., with the latter responsible for creating the metaverse experience and all its elements. At least 179 brands and companies had jobs on parade during the event.

Regarding recruiting events in Japan, the metaverse job fair was one of the biggest ever, further highlighting the benefits of metaverse technology to this particular use case. According to Neo Career Co. executive Taiki Nishino, the metaverse enables remote job fair participation while preserving the feel of in-person and real-world job fairs.

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What Does the Future Hold for Talent Recruiting in the Metaverse?

Although several stakeholders and corporate executives have expressed pessimistic views about the metaverse and its place in the future of corporate work, meetings, and events, many others believe in the benefits that the technology has in store if correctly utilized.

Metaverse technology offers the apparent advantage of a more substantial presence than other digital options like video interviews. Also, using a metaverse environment during the hiring process is sure to attract top talent, the core of whom are young people (Gen Z) more receptive to these innovations than millennials and boomers.

Recently, the chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, described the sense of presence that came with metaverse solutions as a game-changer. Also, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, is a big fan of metaverse technology.

Corporate bodies are also leaning towards using the metaverse to enhance organizational-level communication. Recently, Microsoft and the WEF partnered to build the Global Collaboration Village to improve communication among leaders in the organization.

The metaverse job fair initiative in Japan is no surprise, given that several institutions in the country have already adopted metaverse tech on several occasions. Toda City used metaverse tech to mitigate absenteeism from school, allowing kids to learn from home. Also, engineering students at the University of Tokyo use virtual reality tech for instructional purposes.

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