Food Comes to the Metaverse as Campbell’s Chunky Unites With Fortnite Creative

The NFL’s official soup sponsor will launch a new game on Fortnite as it looks to merge sports and lifestyle/culture.

Lifestyle brands and organizations are tilting to the metaverse to attract younger customers, and metaverse lifestyle is on the rise globally. On January 12th, Campbell’s Chunky entered the metaverse with a branded gaming experience. The food brand chose Fortnite Creative as its metaverse theme, uniting football with soup and creating a one-of-a-kind experience for football lovers globally.

Campbell’s Chunky is the NFL’s official soup sponsor. The brand will launch the Chunky FuelUp Tournament, a series of games whose finale will be live-streamed and feature players competing for NFL prizes. The Chunky FuelUp Tournament will feature Fortnite Creative and all of its football-themed gameplay, and the tournament comes right on cue as the NFL playoffs kick-off dates draw closer.

The Chunky Metaverse is Packed With Activities for Users

Campbell’s Chunky is well known as a brand for everyday people, fuelling the daily hustle and providing the average person with a go-to option for a healthy meal. In its metaverse offering, the food brand will allow users to partake in three distinct challenges to test their speed, accuracy, and agility.

The Spicy Soup Sprint is the first challenge players will encounter when they step into the Chunky Metaverse. Users will enjoy a flight through branded cans and try to complete the course as quickly as possible by sliding down a gigantic spoon-racing setup. The Protein Power Course is another that players will enjoy. The challenge targets players’ agility, as they will be required to avoid dummies bringing hard tackles their way amongst other football-related obstacles as they make their way to the course’s end zone.

Hearty Hail Mary is the third challenge for players entering the Chunky Metaverse. Gamers can put their quarterback abilities to the test by throwing cans into moving targets as quickly as possible within three rounds, each lasting one minute. The rounds become increasingly difficult as the player progresses, and they will also have to throw as many cans as possible into the targets.

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Why Launch a Chunky Metaverse?

On why the idea of a Metaverse appealed to the brand and why the Chunky FuelUp Tournament came to the metaverse, the Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Campbell’s Meals & Beverages, Marci Raible, had a lot to say. According to the executive, the launch is another step towards the brand’s dream of merging sports and lifestyle. As Chunky looks to ride on the wings of its long-lasting partnership with the NFL, the brand hopes to connect with the gaming audience on Fortnite Creative and provide customers with a new way to interact with the brand.

Players on Fortnite Creative can launch the Chunky FuelUp Tournament with a twelve-digit island code. Once inside , the players can make their way to the Chunky FuelUp Plaza and experience several sections of the Chunky Bowl Stadium. Beyond Creative, a company dedicated to building virtual worlds for brands, partnered with Campbell’s Chunky to create The Chunky Metaverse. Only players aged 18 and above will be eligible to participate in the tournament and compete for prizes like tickets to NFL games in 2023, signed merch, and the Chunky MVP crown.

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