World’s First Metaverse Cruise Ship Experience Launches This December

The Wonderverse by Celebrity Cruises is bringing a luxury metaverse lifestyle experience to travelers.

Luxury cruise ship trips are popular during the holidays, and thanks to the metaverse, tourists can now enjoy such an experience in the metaverse. Thanks to a first-of-its-kind cruise ship experience in the metaverse, travelers and tourists can now enjoy an immersive adventure aboard a Celebrity ship. Before the ship sets sail in Celebrity’s Wonderverse, visitors can immerse themselves in its interior and explore several mind-blowing side attractions.

Celebrity Cruises is the brand making headlines in the metaverse world this December. The company is famous for its next-generation ships that reflect impressive architectural design and technology. Like many leading brands across several industries, Celebrity Cruises has entered the metaverse with a novel virtual experience called Wonderverse.

As a first of its kind in the cruise ship industry, Wonderverse will open with a ‘see before they sail’ experience for travelers, giving them a hyper-realistic virtual recreation of the newest ship in Celebrity’s Edge Series, Celebrity BeyondSM. Visitors will also enjoy exploring the ship’s artful and inspiring spaces, attending signature events like the Celebrity Martini Bar Flair Show, and visiting all the destinations to which Celebrity ships sail – Europe to Asia or Alaska to the Caribbean.

Visitors will also enjoy booking vacation itineraries and chatting with American interior designer Nate Berkus, the ship’s inspirational captain, Captain Kate McCue, and Celebrity’s President and CEO, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo. Captain McCue is America’s first and only female captain of a major cruise ship. These famous figures will be represented by their metaverse avatars, like every other visitor.

Celebrity partnered with virtual platform architects, Surreal Events to build Wonderverse. The metaverse space will also feature mini-games, Easter eggs, entertainment activities, and much more. Visitors will be able to enter Wonderverse through the Celebrity Cruises website. Upon entry into  Wonderverse, users can move around and learn about the ship and its destinations.

Several side attractions await visitors, including The Magic Carpet, a space that soars above the ship cantilevered, designed to host virtual cocktails and dinners and double as a virtual meeting space. The Grand Plaza will also be open to users, as it is the social epicenter of the ship. In the Grand Plaza, visitors can interact with each other, enjoy music, chat with Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, and attend the iconic Martini Bar Flair Show.

Visitors on Celebrity Beyond can have fun in the Resort Deck, which houses a Rooftop Garden, the ship’s Main Pool, cantilevered float pools, lounge chairs, and so much more. They will also be treated to an inside view of the Sunset Bar, designed by Nate Berkus, where he shares his travel experiences. Users can create their personalized avatars through a game at the beginning of the journey before they move to the Resort Deck to begin the adventure.

Celebrity Beyond offers a unique cruise ship experience, further enhanced by the promise of an immersive metaverse experience. The ship’s inspirational design, and fine dining from world-renowned chefs, famous wellness partners, luxury brand retailers, and entertainment promoters, complement its unique services for the perfect sea luxury resort. Wonderverse launched on December 14th and will be open to consumers throughout the holidays.

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