Play Today Brings Golf Into the Metaverse and Web3

The Web3 sports company aims to unite over 70 million golf players globally in the metaverse.

Against the backdrop of the NSW Open Golf Championship, Play Today, a golf company in Web3, has released the world’s first golf metaverse environment. The golf metaverse will open a new way for a teeming golf-loving audience to enjoy their favorite sport. Users can stream the tournament in the golf metaverse thanks to a partnership between Play Today, Golf NSW, and Drummond Gold, the most prominent golf retailer in Australia.

Introducing the Play Today Metaverse

Built by golfers for golfers, the Play Today Metaverse is an immersive three-dimensional virtual environment that connects players from all over the world to one another. The virtual world promises an engaging and unique experience for the average visitor, offering golfers new ways to enjoy their favorite sport.

For more entertainment and to offer a variety of activities in the Play Today Metaverse, the company will launch a world-first golf innovation center, christened the Drummond Golf Innovation Center. Inside the metaverse innovation center, players can enjoy an experience powered by augmented reality as they explore new products from top golf brands.

In the Play Today Metaverse, players can display their golf collectibles and non-fungible tokens. Users can get these NFTs in the Play Today scoring application or buy them in the native NFT marketplace. Also, players can explore digital twins of more than 40,000 real-world golf courses and interact with fellow golfers worldwide in standalone mode or the Play Today clubhouse.

In the golf metaverse, players can enjoy watching virtual versions of previous real-world golf rounds and live-stream professional golf tourneys from all around the world with the ability to focus on a particular player and see the live scores.

High Praise and Expectations Ahead of the NSW Open Golf Championship

Executives at Play Today, Drummond Golf, and Golf NSW have praised the Play Today Metaverse, calling it a pleasant peek into the future of sports events, where participants worldwide can participate in live sports events via the virtual world. The companies believe that the Play Today Metaverse has come to stay and will change the interaction and consumption of golf among its fans and the entire sports industry.

The Rich River Golf Club will host the Play Today NSW Open Golf Championship from March 16th to 19th. The tournament promises several big names in the golf industry, like Harrison Crowe (current tournament champion, Blake Windred, etc.

Organizers hope the tournament will attract over 80,000 viewers over its four-day course. Still, with the live stream in the metaverse, many predict much higher numbers, especially with increasing interest from young and foreign players.

Play Today will continue to fine-tune its metaverse offering and dive more into the vast world of Web3. Already, the company has built a consumer-friendly digital wallet laced with several integrations, ranging from a golf metaverse to an NFT marketplace, successfully uniting golf with the metaverse and main elements of the Web3 world.

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